Sunday, 13 November 2016

Goji Berries – The Fountain of Youth

Goji berries have been used in Tibet and China for thousands of years. They are used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes. Now a days, Goji berries are being  cultivated in many other countries, but they are native of Himalayan ranges of Tibet and China.

What are Goji Berries ?

Gojis are also known as wolfberries and are orange-red in colour. They are typically available in dried form, just like raisins and can be consumed in a variety of ways.
Gojis can be eaten raw, added to mueseli, added to smoothies, made into teas (especially weight loss / detox / skinny teas) or added into soups.

Why are Goji Berries Special ?

They are a powerhouse of nutrients and in olden age, people used to eat them for retaining youthfulness and for living longer.

Gojis contain all eight essential amino acids. The carbo hydrates present are in complex form and hence blood sugar will not rise abruptly after your meal. They also have the highest quantity of proteins ever found in fruits.
Other vitamins and minerals available in Goji berries are:
Vitamin C
Vitamin A                                                         

What are their benefits ?

Boost body immunity
Potential weight loss food
Anti-oxidants – zeaxanthin
Maintain blood sugar level – especially if you have sugar cravings
Increased sexual fertility

Some also claim that Goji berries can
increase life expectancy
bring down heart risks
lower blood pressure
reduce arthritis pain

No wonder many herbal detox teas have got Goji berries in them. Have a look at the ingredients of a popular skinny /detox tea here

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